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RGP headhunters is a company specialized in relocating corporate security executives.

Know the origin of RGP HeadHunters

The abbreviation RGP represents the initial letters of the name Ronaldo Glória Proença, a brazilian renowned Corporate Security professional who has been at the head of large companies, accumulating extensive experience in the business segment.

In partnership with Psychologist Ana Claudia Fernandes, a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience in Recruitment and Selection, and with GRUPO UNICAD, a specialized consulting company in Security Analysis and Intelligence, create RGP HEADHUNTERS.

Thus, start offering even more complete solutions to Corporate Security area.

Select the best professionals

Extensive experience in corporate security

We act as problem solvers in the Security area, according to the client's strategy and positioning.

We identify the most qualified professional for our clients' challenges and monitor their adaptation in the work environment. When necessary, we guide the development of an action plan for critical points.

Work process:






Market search




Presentation to the Client




End of selection



Our team of experts will provide the talent you are looking for!

1. Process analysis

We carry out a thorough analysis of the corporate need, which will guide the entire process. Basic customer data, position history and critical factors for hiring a new executive are collected. The necessary professional attributes are also addressed at this stage, as well as levels of responsibility and national and international reporting.

Conflict areas with competitors and customers are also mapped.

2. Research

With the data obtained in the initial analysis, specific mapping is carried out, identifying possible candidates adhering to the position and current practices.

3. Contacts

We initiate contacts with the pre-selected professionals, with absolute confidentiality and secrecy. In this step we seek basic information about personal characteristics and experiences. Then, we invite compatible candidates to the personal interview.

4. Selection

Through technical and behavioral interviews, we identify the most compatible professionals with the desired profile.

5. Presentation to the Client

We present a summary of characteristics and experiences of potential candidates, to identify the professionals who will be interviewed by the client.

6. Interviews with the Client

Face-to-face interviews can take place at the RGP headquarters, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, depending on the need for confidentiality.

We monitor the result and opinion of each interview, in order to realign any needs.

7. Final Decision and Follow-up

We support the client in the final negotiation and monitor the entire experience period of the contracted professional.


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